Hi-Protein 27 Dog Food

Hi-Protein 27 Dog Food

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Product Description

Kent Hi-Protein-27 provides a high level of protein to help dogs build and replenish muscle tissue and stay in good physical condition. Working dogs, including hunting dogs, farm dogs and protection dogs burn extra energy and use more protein for muscle repair and replenishment. Hi-Protein 27 provides your canine athlete what he needs to thrive and to get the job done. Feed Hi-Protein 27 to your dog and give him the reward he deserves.

Features & Benefits

Quality Protein

Quality Protein to support muscle and tissue integrity

Healthy Fats & Oils

Healthy Fats & Oils to support skin and hair coat condition

Essential Micro-Nutrients

Essential Micro-Nutrients to support the immune system

Dietary Fiber

Dietary Fiber to support digestive activity and health