Kent Meat Goat Supplement Pellet

Kent Meat Goat Supplement Pellet

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Product Description

A supplement designed to be mixed with grains to make complete goat diets.

Features & Benefits


The flexibility of this supplement allows for the mixing of growing, finishing, and breeding herd diets for meat goats. It combines ideal levels of vitamins and minerals for a well balanced ration when mixed with grains.

2:1 Ca:P Ratio

Provides a 2:1 Ca:P ratio when mixed properly with grains to help prevent urinary calculi

Ammonium Chloride

Contains ammonium chloride to aid in the prevention of urinary calculi

Vitamin A, D, & E

Vitamin A for healthier tissue and reproductive integrity. Vitamin D aids in the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin E works with selenium to help prevent white muscle disease, and provide immune system support.

Minerals and trace minerals

Minerals and trace minerals for efficient utilization of energy and amino acids.