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Our Best Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Our Best Glass Hummingbird Feeder

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  • 30 ounce nectar capacity with easy to fill wide mouth opening
  • Base comes apart for easy cleaning
  • Built in bee guards protect nectar supply and bee guards snap open for cleaning
  • Built in ant moat keeps ants away
  • Best used for:Allen's,Rufous,Ruby-throated,Anna's Hummingbird

Hovering and buzzing about, the delightful hummingbird is a mesmerizing sight to behold. Easily attract hummingbirds to your yard with the Perky-Pet 'Our Best' Glass Hummingbird Feeder. This feeder promises hours of hummingbird-watching pleasure perfect for bird lovers of all ages.


Holding up to 30 ounces of nectar at a time, this hummingbird feeder features a durable transparent glass bottle with a wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning. Its bright-red plastic top and base offer visual appeal while quickly catching the attention of hummingbirds. The feeder's welcoming design also includes six feeding stations, each with a built-in, bright-yellow, flower-shaped bee guard to protect the nectar supply. Even more, the feeder comes with a circular perch all the way around the base of the feeder for the birds to rest upon, along with a built-in ant moat on the very top of the feeder (simply fill with water to keep the ants away).


Keep the feeder clean and filled with fresh nectar to ensure return visits from happy hummingbirds. In addition to its wide mouth opening, the hummingbird feeder's base comes apart to ensure convenient access and thorough cleaning. Perky-Pet recommends cleaning the hummingbird feeder at least twice a week, more often in very warm climates or seasons.

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