Bulk & Liquid Feed

At Cottonwood Creek Feed Store, we are passionate about providing you with the highest quality animal feed products. At this time, we do not offer grinding and mixing, but we have a wide selection of pelletized feeds such as protein and calf creep that are available for order and delivery. We also offer delivery of ingredients in bulk that you may use in your rations such as soybean meal, distillers, and cracked corn.

We are also happy to announce that we have recently added liquid feed to our range of options. This new option now allows you to provide added minerals, vitamins, and protein to your animals diet in a convenient and easy to handle form. 

At Cottonwood Creek Feed Store, we believe that the key to healthy and thriving animals lies in their nutrition. By choosing to go with Cottonwood Creek as your feed supplier, you are making a decision to invest in the well-being of your animals.

Our team excels at customer service and would love to help you find the right feed for your animals. Call Joe at 712-470-6498 for any questions or to get set up with the right feed for you and your livestock.


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