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Agita 10 WG

Agita 10 WG

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Agita 10 WG is a water dispersible granule insecticidal bait formulation for the reduction of housefly populations in and around the outside perimeter of animal housing. The combination of a neonicotinoid insecticide, with both contact and stomach modes of action and a housefly attractant provides an effective fly bait formula that encourages both male and female houseflies to remain in treated areas and consume a contact lethal dose of the bait. Use spray suspension immediately after mixing. Contains Z-9-Tricosene and Thiamethoxam.

Agita 10 WG is highly effective in controlling Litter Beetle infestations in broiler houses. Spot spray directions: Under each feeder, apply 2 fluid oz. of the mixed spray suspension (i.e., 2 oz. of AGITA 10 WG mixed in 32 fluid oz. of lukewarm water) per square foot of 1.5-inch thick bedding material. Treatments to bedding must be made using a low-pressure applicator.

Important safeguards:
*Apply ONLY in locations not accessible to children, pets, domestic animals or wildlife. Do not apply bait where animals can lick the product. Do not apply directly to livestock or livestock feed.

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