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Unbeetable Feeds Beet Pulp Pellets

Unbeetable Feeds Beet Pulp Pellets

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In growing and finishing diets, beet pulp pellets can replace corn silage or other forages.

For stock cows, it can fill energy requirements and stretch homegrown forage supplies. In dairy rations, beet pulp is an excellent source of structural carbohydrates, lowers the potential for rumen acidosis and improves butter-fat test.  It is also a high-energy, easy-to-digest food that helps to stimulate milk production.

In pet food, beet pulp is used as lower tract cleanser as well as stool firmer.  It is an excellent source of fermentable fiber.

Please consult your nutritionist for uses specific to your animals.


Beet Pulp Pellets can be stored by unloading on a cement slab, preferably covered, or they can be stored in conventional hopper bottom bins. They can be transferred in hopper, end-dump or live bottom trucks. Feeding and handling will depend on the method of storing and the feeding systems available but they can be easily handled in traditional automated systems or front-end loader mixer wagon combinations.


Variation may occur depending on source.

For below information in PDF form, please download here.




Dry Matter 90.73%
Moisture 9.27%
Protein, Crude 8.29% 7.52%
Fiber, Crude 16.97% 15.42%
ADF – Acid Detergent Fiber 26.68% 24.22%
NEL – Net Energy Lactation 0.72 Mcal/lb 0.65 Mcal/lb
NEG – Net Energy Gain 0.46 Mcal/lb 0.41 Mcal/lb
NEM – Net Energy Maintenance 0.78 0.71 Mcal/lb
TDN – Total Digestible Nutrients 69.40% 63.04%
Fat 1.09% 1.00%
Ash 7.56% 6.86%
NFE – Nitrogen Free Extract 66.09% 60.03%
Calcium 1.00% 0.91%
Phosphorus 0.07% 0.06%
Potassium 0.56% 0.51%
Reducing Sugars 2.60% 2.39%
Sucrose 8.96% 8.15%
TSI – Total Sugars as Invert 8.23% 7.43%
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