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Foam Saddle Shims

Foam Saddle Shims

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Classic Equine Saddle Shims help improve your saddle fit and aid in comfort during use.  These saddle shims are created with cell foam and have a tapered wedge on one side to allow a smooth transition along your horse's topline.

Place shims under the front of the saddle and on top of the saddle pad as needed. The most common placement of these saddle shims is right behind your horse's shoulder and under the front conchos on your saddle.  A great example for when to use shims would be in the event you have a wider gullet saddle and narrow withered horse.  Without shims, you may notice your saddle leans forward and down into your horses shoulder.  This can reduce your horse's freedom of movement and comfort when riding. By adding shims, it will elevate your saddle off the shoulders, increase range of movement and pain relief.

  • Classic Equine
  • Saddle Shim
  • Cell Foam
  • Tapered Wedge
  • Improve Saddle Fit
  • Aid in Pain Relief
  • Elevate the Front of Your Saddle
  • Increase Range of Motion Enhance
  • Freedom of Movement
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