Energilass Super Hi-Mag 12

Energilass Super Hi-Mag 12

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EnergiLass Super-Hi Mag 12 is an all-natural protein, mineral and vitamin supplement designed to be fed to cattle consuming lush, rapidly growing pasture or anytime low quality, low magnesium forages are fed.





Features & Benefits


Supplemental magnesium


This product provides 15 grams of supplemental magnesium when consumed at 0.75 pounds per head daily to aid in the prevention of grass tetany.


Continuous protein delivery


Research has shown that multiple, small doses of protein help improve forage digestion. EnergiLass provides supplemental protein 24/7, helping cattle get most out of each bite. This product is ideal for medium to high quality forages.


Calcium and phosphorus


A 2 to 1 calcium to phosphorus ratio is ideal for cattle on pasture, which tend to be deficient in phosphorus.


Trace mineral fortification


Formulated to supply key trace minerals to help support optimal animal health and performance.


Optimal vitamin fortification


Vitamins A, D and E support growth, metabolism, reproductive performance and proper immune system function.


No added salt


EnergiLass is formulated without added salt. A source of free-choice salt should be made available at all times, such as Framework 365 Mineral MG.


Highly palatable


The high molasses content of EnergiLass results in a highly palatable supplement, encouraging and maintaining whole herd consumption.