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Equine Choice Turnout 250#

Equine Choice Turnout 250#

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Product Description

Equine Choice Turnout is a protein, mineral and vitamin supplement designed for horses on forage and grain-based diets.

Features & Benefits

High energy

The combination of molasses and fat provides controlled energy release in a highly digestible product. Molasses, with its high sugar content, stimulates intake and provides a readily available energy source. Vegetable oil, increases energy density and efficiency while improving skin and hair coat condition.


Controlled consumption

The physical form of Equine Choice Turnout initially presents as a hard product, but soon forms a thin layer of soft, viscous material on the surface as it draws moisture from the air. This layer is readily consumed by horses. As more moisture from the air along with saliva from previous licking meets the exposed surface of the product, another thin layer of material becomes available for consumption. This process results in a slow, controlled consumption that mimics the natural eating pattern (grazing) of horses, allowing nutrients to be gradually introduced to the digestive system throughout the day, minimizing digestive upsets.


Complete vitamin nutrition

Guaranteed levels of all vitamins, including the B-complex, eliminates the need for special vitamin packs. Vitamins A, D, and E are added to provide a supplemental source to guard against deficiencies and help maintain optimal health and metabolism. B-vitamins, including Biotin, are important for the efficient breakdown and transformation of nutrients into usable energy. B-vitamins also help maintain the growth and health of skin, hair and hooves.


Balanced mineral nutrition

Mineral supplementation is necessary to help minimize the detrimental effects of mineral imbalances found in forages. Optimum levels and ratios are supplied by Equine Choice Turnout to ensure a balanced diet for maintenance, breeding, and performance.

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