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Fly Stik Muscalure Star Bar 24"

Fly Stik Muscalure Star Bar 24"

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Bonide Products window fly catcher contains a superior signature glue on one-side and a non-residue double sized tape on the other
providing maximum protection. Specially designed to catch flies, fruit flies, gnats, mosquitoes, Asian lady beetles and a variety
of other home invading insects. Flycatcher conveniently captures insects as they try to escape toward the window and attaches
directly to window for an easy, quick application. Available in a 4 pack. Conveniently place on windows. Can be attached directly
to window. Place the traps in areas where sunshine comes through the most, this will help attract more insects. Disposal is easy,
simply remove the adhesive and throw it away. For used in hospitals, restaurants, boats, RV's, farms, and more.

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