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Payback Egg Layer Ration

Payback Egg Layer Ration

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Egg Layer Ration is a complete feed for chickens during egg production. 

Begin feeding this product free-choice when egg production begins. Continue feeding throughout the laying stage. Provide chick sized grit and fresh, clean water at all times. 
Crude protein not less than 17.0%
Lysine not less than 0.85%
Methionine not less than 0.4%
Crude fat not less than 3.0%
Crude fiber not more than 5.0%
Calcium not less than 3.5%
Calcium not more than 4.5%
Phosphorus not less than 0.6%
Salt not less than 0.25%
Salt not more than 0.75%
Phytase not less than 20 spu/#



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