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Polypropylene Hub Needle 16 G x 1''

Polypropylene Hub Needle 16 G x 1''

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Neogen provides the highest quality and broadest range of needles for livestock producers and veterinarians. Our needles are ultra-sharp and designed specifically for animal use with metal inserts for strength and computer ground tri-beveled points and anti-coring tips for sharpness and durability. Needles are color coded to follow ISO standards for easy identification of gauge size. An anti-friction coating allows for minimal penetration resistance and animal discomfort. Polypropylene hub needles are offered in small quantities and packaged for the retail shelf.


  • Ultra-sharp, tri-beveled, anti-coring tips
  • Metal inserts to increase strength for animal health applications
  • Paper-to-plastic packaging is tamper evident and ensures sterility
  • ISO color-coded cartridge caps for easy gauge identification


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