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RangeBoss 20-6 Cube

RangeBoss 20-6 Cube

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A 20% protein supplement formulated for beef cattle on medium- to low-quality forage, such as stored forage, dormant pasture or corn stalks. This supplement does contain non-protein nitrogen in the form of urea.


Features & Benefits


Supplemental Protein


An economical source of protein available to the rumen to support optimal rumen microbe efficiency, which helps improve forage utilization.


Easy to Feed


Designed to be fed on the ground in the pasture. The large size makes it easy for cattle to clean up, minimizing waste.


Additional Supplements


Formulated to be an economical protein supplement, this product does not contain additional key nutrients. Provide cattle with a Framework 365 Mineral® or RangeBoss™ mineral to meet their nutritional requirements.


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