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Washing and shearing your show animal strips the natural oils and defense from fungus. The most important thing you can do is REPLENISH the skin of your lamb or goat. This product is designed to REPLENISH the natural lanolin, condition the hide with vitamins, and keep the skin moist and smooth leading up to show day. All this in an oil free package that will help keep your animal comfortable even on hot summer days.


Also apply Replenish to cattle in the areas that may dry out or burn from show day preparations to keep those areas moisturized and help keep the animals from flaking.  Replenish works great on swine by keeping those hides soft and conditioned without heating the animals up and leaving an oily residue on them. Once you use REPLENISH you will never go without!

Application- Shake well before dispensing and applying.  Apply the Replenish all over the entire lamb, goat or pigs body by spraying or using your hands to work it in. Then let Replenish do the rest.

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