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Sentinel Care Omegatin

Sentinel Care Omegatin

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Product Description

An equine solutions supplement designed to provide additional calories to all classes of horses including maintenance, breeding, growing and performance. It incorporates a blend of high-fat ingredients which provide low starch calories to help maintain body condition without increasing the grain ration. Sentinel® Care™ Omegatin® is a balanced supplement providing all nutrients including amino
acids, omega fatty acids, minerals and vitamins in an
exclusive extruded nugget.

Features & Benefits

20% Fat

20% fat in an extruded nugget provides a nutrient dense source of calories in an easy to feed form.

Low Starch and Sugar

Low starch and sugar diets are often recommended by veterinarians and nutritionists for horses with metabolic and digestive challenges.

Cool Calories

Cool calories from a blend of fat sources including flaxseed, rice bran and soybean oil helps to maintain body condition and performance.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids support skin and hair coat health and aid in reducing the effects of stress.

Healthy Rate of Intake

The light and airy nature of extruded nuggets may facilitate the breakdown of feed while encouraging slower consumption and more thorough chewing for maintaining digestive health.

Built-In Fiber

Built-in fiber helps to maintain healthy hind-gut fermentation while providing extra calories in a safe and natural form.

Vitamin E and Selenium

Vitamin E and selenium provide antioxidant benefits supporting immune health.

Nutritionally Balanced

Nutritionally balanced with protein, minerals and vitamins to help maintain nutrient ratios during supplementation.

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