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Simplifly Fly Control

Simplifly Fly Control

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  • Formulated to help reduce fly populations by 97–100%.
  • Daily supplement works to prevent the development of house and stable flies in the manure of your treated horses.
  • Contains larvastop, an insect growth regulator that helps break the fly life cycle.
  • Highly palatable pellets are easy to add to your horse’s regular meals.
  • Feed throughout the season until cold weather restricts fly activity.

Stop pesky flies at the source with Farnam SimpliFly Feed-Thru Fly Control for Horses! This fly growth regulator breaks the fly life cycle by preventing stable and house fly larvae from developing into mature adults. Here’s how it works—Diflubenzuron, SimpliFly’s active ingredient, bypasses your horse’s GI tract and is excreted in manure, leaving fly larvae unable to grow. When added to your horse’s daily diet, SimpliFly works to effectively reduce stable and house fly populations from early spring until cold weather hits. Bugs don't fly with Farnam, your partner in horse care!

Feeding Instructions:

Add to daily food when flies are active

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