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Tail Adhesive

Tail Adhesive

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Great to have on hand for show day, Sullivan's Tail Adhesive is just what you need for hard-to-hold, coarse, livestock hair. This handy adhesive may be used to form tail bush and build leg hair when a fuller stouter look is desired. Highly resilient, this adhesive remains strong in all weather.

Directions: Shake can well and turn upside down. This will make your adhesive spray out in larger flakes. A hot can will flake out better. Apply to leg hair where a fuller look is desired. Spray on in medium coats, repeating the process after each coat has dried completely until the desired look has been achieved.

To remove the adhesive we recommend Sullivan's Hocus Pocus™ - 17 oz., QC Part #441107, then shampoo with Sullivan’s Clear Choice Shampoo, QC Part #441110, both sold separately.

Contents: 10.5 oz. Aerosol Can

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