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Green Whip Lunge

Green Whip Lunge

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Lunge whips are used to lunge a horse as an integral part of training and exercising. Ideal for equestrians, our lunge whips are designed to be superbly balanced so that they are easy to handle and help train horses in a round pen. Durable lightweight construction with double braided poly covering. Tapered-fiberglass shafts are available in 60 in to 84 in shaft lengths, a lash ranging from 72 in to 84 in with an 11 in white braided popper and a 10 in rubber golf grip or an 11 in soft rubber handle. Made in USA. Engineered tapered fiberglass core. Double braided poly covering. Lightweight/balanced. Withstands abnormal temps.
Water-resistant. 11 in white braided popper.


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