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Zesterra Lick Tub with Garlic 125lb

Zesterra Lick Tub with Garlic 125lb

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Zesterra® Lick Tubs


Zesterra­­­® lick tubs are a great way for your horses to reap the benefits of Zesterra® on a daily basis. Carefully formulated with essential nutrients including vitamins and minerals, these tubs provide an economical and convenient way to ensure your horses are receiving the support they need. The included garlic will act as a fly repellant- keeping midges, gnats, flies and mosquitoes away, reduces blood pressure, purifies the blood, it is a natural source of Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), commonly used to treat joint problems and allergies, promotes friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, helps to increase a horse’s appetite

Why Use Zesterra® Lick Tubs?

Horses are prone to many stress-related conditions, including gastric ulcers and poor performance.

Our Zesterra® lick tubs give your horses daily access to the acid-neutralizing properties of the liquid in a convenient tub. In addition, the Zesterra® tubs have been carefully formulated with a wide variety of nutrients including protein and high-quality vitamins and minerals to help ensure your horses are receiving the nutritional support they need.


Feeding Recommendations

• Provide one tub for every 5 to 15 animals.
• Place tubs in areas where they can be easily accessed.
• Allow a 2-week minimum acclimation period to establish average consumption rate.
• Average consumption should be between 0.25 and 1 lb per head, per day.
• Make sure horses always have access to clean water and salt.


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